V3 gun sites

1942 research started on the the known type of the multi-chamber cannon to produce a long range gun with a sub-caliber projectile.

At the testing facility in poland at Misdroy the names "Tausendfüssler" or "Fleißiges Lieschen" were given to the gun. It's offical cover name was "Hochdruckpumpe".

The gun parts were manufactured by "Röchling Stahlwerke Völklingen", the 2m long dart formed projectiles named "Rö Be 42", too. This arrow shaped projectile had a muzzle-speed of 1050 m/sec and a projected range of 160km.

After the RAF raid on the planed main gun site at Mimoyecques plans were stopped to attack London with 50 units.

At Lampaden 2 shorter guns (LRK 15 F 58) were placed as HAA 1/705. Gun 1 was placed 28.11.44 until 23.12.44. Work at gun 2 finished at 03.01.45. Until removal started at 15.02.15 183 rounds were fired at Luxemburg.